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Closure due to Coronavirus

The squash courts will be unavailable during the current Coronavirus crisis.

Club Membership and Site Registration

For those joining for the first time a cheque for £56 is required - to cover the annual membership fee of £36 and the Key Deposit of £20 (this Key Deposit is lodged with the Squash Section and not with the Club Reception - where the keys are collected and returned). The Key Deposit is returned on leaving the Section. If you join after the 31st August (in the current calendar year) the membership fee component is reduced to £16.00 for the remainder of the year (so £36.00 total cost). For a member renewing existing membership (for another year), the cost is £36 only.

To join, or renew your membership, please contact Ken Reid . Current membership details can be checked in the 'member area'.

Please do not contact the Squash Section until Reception has verified the status of your University Card with respect to joining/rejoining the Squash Section (there appears to be a deficiency in the University Club's on-line membership system which requires this manual check at Reception i.e. confirmation of membership by the University Club's on-line system is not acceptable to University Club Reception).

Newly joined members must register on this website using the form provided, once they have received an email informing them that they have been set up on the OUC Squash Club's membership system, which is separate from the University Club's membership system.

Please note that new members will not be able to login and book courts until they complete this site registration procedure!

If there are any problems registering, contact Colin Goodier. Note that your barcode (login id) needs to be already set up on the OUC Squash Club's membership system by the administrator before you can register and set your password.

Once you are a member you might like to join the club box league - see below

Squash Club Contacts

For membership and general queries contact Ken Reid. For queries to do with the website contact Colin Goodier.


The club has 1 squash court, shared with Keble College, available at various times of the day for booking by members of the club only. Club membership is open to anyone to join (1/5 of the membership can be from non-club members) whether you want to book courts individually or take part in organised competitions. We have also set up a box league for members of this club, please see below for details.

There is a map on the booking help page showing the location of the court.

Changing Room Thefts

Please do not leave any valuables in the squash court changing room as thefts have occurred there. Take any valuables onto the court with you, or leave them in the secure lockers in the main University Club building. Stuff left in the squash court changing room, or on the floor outside the court is NOT secure. If you notice anyone acting suspiciously contact Security Services directly on 01865 2-89999 and/or inform Club reception.

Booking Courts

The easiest way to check availability and book courts is by using the booking pages on this website. All bookings are made in real time. Details of how to book courts are given on the booking help page, along with other useful information.

Contacting other players

Contact details for the club members are maintained on the player contact page, in the 'court bookings' section of the site (login required to access this page).The box-league players can also use the email links to player names in the box-league scoreboard

Box League - (join or rejoin)

The squash club runs a box-league for club members. If you would like to participate, please register using the web-form below. Details, rules and the current box-league scores and statistics can be accessed via the links in the sidebar menu (above left).The form can be used either for players joining for the first time, or for those rejoining after a period out of the box-league. Please note that this form registers you for the next box-league, not the currently running one. If there is space available in the current box-league we might be able to slot you in, but usually the boxes are full. Check the box-league scoreboard page for the finishing date of the current box-league.

box league registration form
enter your University Card barcode
how would you rate your level of skill ?
(this will help us place you in your initial box)
  1=beginner, 5=expert

Code of Conduct/Risk Assessment

It is a requirement that all members of the Squash Club should consult the Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment documents on joining the Section and at the beginning of each year, on renewal of their membership.

club notices

If you have problems getting the Keble lights to come on fully, here are some tips that may help.

Keble maintenance say : 'if you turn the lights off and then on again the lights will all come on straightaway'

Some members have reported that this worked for them

Alternatively, one member suggested this :

'There is a trick to getting them to come on. If you get the switch half way this causes them to try to light multiple times and they all usually come on.'

These tips have not been tried by us, but they may be worth trying if you book the Keble court and have trouble getting all the lights to come on.

Keble maintenance will be carrying out work on the lights on the 11th and 12th of November, so the court will be unavailable on those days. Please cancel or reschedule any bookings you have on the Keble court for those two days.