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Club : box league rules

How does the box league work?


  • Boxes will be set up approximately every 8 weeks

  • A box will usually consist of 7-8 players, playing each other once during the current box-league

  • A match will consist of 3 games (NOT a best-of-3) to 9 points each, regular scoring (not American scoring)

    • One point will be awarded for playing

    • One point will be awarded for each game won

    • One point will be awarded for each match won

    • Two points will be awarded for playing all matches

    • In the case of a tie (at the end of the box), the winner is the winner of the head-to-head match between the tied players. In a three way tie, the winner is the player who allows the fewest points to the other players

Arranging matches:

Please make contact with all your opponents as early as possible (by phone or email), in any set of boxes, to ensure that you have enough time to complete all your matches.


  • Generally, the winner and runner-up from each box will move up one level, while the bottom two will move down a level. The 2 (or more) remaining middle players stay in the same box for the next box-league. There may be some variation in this process, as players drop out of the box-league, or new players join. Usually we will attempt to slot players in at a point appropriate to their standard, so this may affect the promotion/demotion issues

  • Matches will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and place by both players. This can be at the Mansfield Road courts, or any other courts, provided both players agree on the venue

  • Matches may be played at any time during the period of the box-league, but must be completed and reported before midnight of the last day of the box-league period

  • Any player who fails to show for a box match that has been mutually scheduled may be assessed as having lost the match 0-3, unless both players agree to a re-scheduled date.

  • The box coordinator will verify the 'no show' by contacting both the players involved. If the 'no-show' is verified the player who was present at the scheduled time will be allotted 5 points (a 3-0 win) and the match will count as being played for that person

  • Players must complete at least one of their matches to be automatically included in the next month's box

  • Players may enter or exit the box league by informing the box coordinator before the beginning of the next box-league. Alternatively, there is a web-form for joining the box-league at the bottom of the Squash Club homepage, and a web-form for leaving the box-league in the 'player-area' (beneath the match scores web-form)

Posting of boxes:

  • A new box will be posted at this website approximately every 6 weeks

  • The results of the previous box-league will be archived

Entering scores:

  • After playing each box match, one of the players should enter the score using the web-form provided in the 'player area' on this website

  • Report only results of games actually played

  • No defaults or forfeits are allowed. Contact the section organiser in regards to dealing with "no shows"